You Were Born Beautiful, Whole and Confident,

I know you may not feel like it right now but I am going to teach you how to get back to that place of beauty, wholeness and confidence.  I have love diamonds for your soul, the love diamonds I am giving away totally free have the power to accelerate the healing of your broken heart and make you a raving fan of love and your life again. The pressure comes so that you learn how to RISE & SHINE!



  • Heal your issues with trust and relationship disappointment. 

  • Redefine meaning to what matters to your soul not ego.

  • Live a life that nurtures your ambitions not feed your fears.

  • Design a true Vision of Love & Happiness.

When you enroll in this 10 day challenge, you will be greeted each day with videos & love work to help you shift from being a Good Girl Done Wrong, to a woman who can create and enjoy love, happiness and success with ease and flow from her soul. 

You will graduate into being a real Love Diamond who from life's pressure, pain and confusion pushes forth from the core of her being lasting love and a life that feels good.

Remember this is going to be a CHALLENGE, but I know you can conquer it because you have me as your personal  guiding light!



I am Nasira aka Nekisha Michelle, the Doyenne of Soul Love & Success Coaching, an Author, Matchmaker, TV Personality and Speaker.  I am in the business of transforming the love and success story of women who often feel like good girls done wrong.  I am a masterful teacher of how to achieve lasting love and happiness with ease and flow from the soul.