Heal & Love Again for Unhappy Boss Ladies tired of Settling

Hey Boss Lady Done Wrong,

·        Have you had enough of giving all you have in a relationship that is leaving you feeling hurt, disrespected and alone using free hookup chat like Miss Rebecca Joy

·        Do you feel like you have completely lost yourself trying to please a man and now you hate the way you feel? 

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·        Are you sick of feeling like you are too much of a woman for him or the extreme, you feel like you are not enough?  

·        Do you want to create love and a life that feels good?  

·        Does the word POWER COUPLE light you up?

·        Are you ready to own your full Bliss Goddess of Love Power and magnetize true love effortlessly?

I am Nekisha Michelle the Doyenne of Soulful Love and Bliss Goddess. I crave helping ladies like you get your breakthrough in love and in your life.

From the bedroom to the boardroom my clients are succeeding, in love and feeling the   bliss   from the inside out.  I believe we all have the power to   heal and love again by breaking invisible chains and by taking ownership of BLISS.

B- Beauty

L- Love

I- Intuition



I am the most qualified to be your love mentor because I have been right where you are. However, that story changed for me over 4 years ago. I am a happy married woman living in two different countries with the help from Dating Cougar, I am a Lady Boss and I have created a life and lifestyle that I love. 

It took me 9 failed relationships and a previous divorce before I realized the problem was not the men, it wasn't that I was too strong or too independent. It wasn't my voluptuous shape. 

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The problem was the relationships I found myself in were only reflecting back to me the core vibe of my low frequency love energy.  The part of me that did not believe I was http://www.top-adultdating.com/best-apps-for-sexting worthy of a man who didn't abuse me, abandon me or deliberately withhold affection from me. 

Over time I put a lot of focus on me and diligently evolved my goddess power and inner sexy.   It WORKED! Within a 6 months time frame, I attracted 6 amazing soulful, emotionally healthy, quality gentlemen who all wanted to marry me.  The smile on my face is because I understand my power as a divine woman and this time love feels so damn good.

I invite you to learn from me how to:

·        rewrite the love scripts in your head

·        move from shame to being a woman of significance for love

·        manifest the love that others may think is impossible for you to have

I Am Ready to Help You If You Are:

·        Single

·        In a relationship but NOT satisfied

·        Battling your confidence & your worth

·        Frustrated and angry with your life and the lack of fulfillment

·        Ready to learn how to get what you want

It is truly your time to ditch the love and life drama and create the relationship and life you know your soul is yearning to have.

Are you ready to heal & love again? All you have to do is choose the path that feels good to you.  I'll be waiting on the other side to support your dreams and soulful aspirations. 

In Bliss,

Nekisha Michelle, MSW
Doyenne of Soulful Love, Bliss Goddess & TV Personality
Ph. 323.596.1722
Email: [email protected]

Note: I am LGBT Friendly



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